African Mango Pure Review

We’re living in the time of the “miracle” fruit.  It seems almost every month a new “sure-fire” weight loss pill featuring a fruit from across an ocean shows up.  If it isn’t Acai, its another berry.  And the latest seems to be the mango, mango from Africa that is.

These mystical fruits from far away places have one thing in common. They are billed as the “super food” that will finally get your weight under control. Joining this not so prestigeous group is African Mango PURE from Absonutrix.  That’s a company, not a country.

Absonutrix bills African Mango PURE as “one of the most effective weight loss formulas available.”  Not only does African Mango PURE claim to provide your answer to lowering your weight, it promises to lower your cholesterol too.

African Mango PURE’s most important claim, however, might be its ability to suppress your appetite, causing you to desire less food than you require now.

Your body has a naturally-occuring hormone called leptin that works as an appetite supresser.   Unfortunately many overweight people have built up an immunity to leptin allowing them to override its effectiveness.  They develop high levels of what is called CPR (C-reactive protein) which binds leptin and makes it ineffective.

That’s where African Mango PURE comes in, overcoming the effect of CPR to re-control your appetite.

What’s in African Mango PURE?

To accomplish its claims African Mango PURE takes what appears to be a three pronged approach. First there is African Mango, also known as Irvingia Gabonensis.  Similar to the mango Irvingia Gabonensis seeds are high in fibre which is essential for removing cholesterol from the body.  In addition the 1200 mg African Mango PURE pill includes Maqui Berry and Green Tea Extract.  Maqui Berry is a powerful antioxidant Acai fruit.  Acai has been called the healthiest food on the planet.

And finally African Mango PURE adds Green Tea Extract an anti-carcinogen, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-radiation ingredient which claims to slow down or even reverse the aging process.

Is African Mango PURE Safe?

About the only thing in African Mango PURE that might concern some people are stimulants such as the caffeine found in Green Tea Extract.  If your medical advisers have warned you to avoid stimulants then African Mange PURE may not be for you.  Also, no one should take a nutritional or weight loss pill without consulting their medical advisers first.

How Much is African Mango PURE?

Two bottles of African Mango PURE can be purchased for $29.95. Each contains 60 150 mg caps.

Are There Any Cons in African Mango Pure?

African Mango PURE seems to have all the elements neccessary to help you lose weight and lower your cholesterol but it is yet to be proven effective.  Absonutrix calls African Mango PURE, ” the most advanced formula available in the market today.”  But African Mango PURE just hasn’t been around enough for us to be sure it works.

Is African Mango PURE Worth Purchasing?

Although you can get a free trial of African Mango PURE,  African Mango PURE is too new for us to recommend it.  However, as time goes by and positive information becomes available then there is a chance it will make our recommended list. For now we would advise you to go with a proven, highly-rated  weight loss pill currentlyon the market, one with a no-risk money back guarantee.

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