Amphetamine Diet Pills Review

Yes – those amphetamines, chemically related to the more well-known methamphetamine.  Plain and clear is the fact that amphetamines have been used to assist in weight loss in the past.  Even more plain and clear is the fact that amphetamines have many side effects and dangers.

It is important before you even consider any of this, that you remember that possession of unregulated amphetamines is illegal in many countries.  Furthermore, amphetamines are often highly addictive, and can cause many problems for people as they take them.

What are amphetamines used for?  Well that is a good question, and an important one to answer.  Amphetamines are used for treatment of ADHD, narcolepsy, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  In most western countries, these are prescribed by a health professional and the patients are given the drugs under intense scrutiny.  

So why are people tempted to use amphetamines for weight loss?  As mentioned earlier, they were originally used for weight loss purposes.  They were effective at controlling appetite and helping assist people in weight loss.  However, amphetamines are addicting and so harmful to your health.

Amphetamines are typically available from foreign countries.  Be sure to fully look at the different ingredients, and beware of dangerous chemicals that could be contaminated in diet pills outside of the United States.

Amphetamine Diet Pills Side Effects

There are a few different side effects associated with taking amphetamines.  They fall into three different camps including physical, psychological, and possible withdrawal effects.

Physical Side Effectshyperactivity, insomnia, anorexia, dry mouth, headaches, hypertension, diarrhea, numbness, heart palpitations, dizziness, twitching, acne and convulsions.  These are just the minor side effects!  The major side effects can include: seizure, stroke, coma, heart attack, and possible death.  These more major side effects are typically associated with chronic and/or overdosing.

Psychological Side EffectsI was amazed when looking at the different types of side effects.  They have a wide range of emotions from euphoria to anxiety, sociability to irritability, excessive feeling of power and invincibility, and potential obsessive behaviors.  I know a few people that use amphetamines for different health issues like ADHD, and it makes me nervous for them.  Don’t use amphetamines unless you need them as prescribed by a doctor.

Withdrawal potential side effects – those people that choose to use amphetamines typically have major issues with withdrawals.  Major issues include mental depression and other issues.

Do Amphetamine Diet Pills work well enough to buy?

They will help you lose weight, but the dangers far outweigh the potential benefits of using amphetamines.  It just isn’t worth risking your life, or your well-being to lose weight.  

Addiction to amphetamines can cause a multitude of problems, and may lead to huge issues down the road for individuals.  If you have been using amphetamine related diet pills, please stop as soon as possible and be sure to consult a physician or other health professional for help.

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