Apidexin 72 Hour Cleanse Review

After years of office work and normal living, many people gain weight, feel bloated, and just feel unhealthy. In order to feel better and lose weight, many people try cleansing their bodies using various cleansing supplements like Apidexin 72 Hour Cleanse.

Apidexin 72 Hour Cleanse is like other detox weight loss pills because makers claim it can help you feel better and lose weight by cleansing out the intestinal tract. That’s what you hear from every company making a detox weight loss pill, so what’s special about this?

Can Apidexin 72 Hour Cleanse deliver on its promises? Take a look at what I found out.


A product is only as effective as its ingredients. Apidexin 72 Hour Cleanse packs the following impressive 14 effective ingredients:

Magnesium is mineral that is essential to the function of every organ of the body.[1] In addition, magnesium plays an important role in digestion because it speeds intestinal tract movement by assisting cellular metabolism.

Potassium is essential to muscle contraction and regulates fluid and mineral balance in the body.[2] It also fights the effect of too much sodium, reducing fluid retention. Potassium even helps lower blood pressure.

Vitamin B6 serves many functions in the body. It treats heart disease, high cholesterol, and helps boost the immune system.[3] Vitamin B6 ensures that the body is healthy while the other ingredients concentrate on cleansing and weight loss.

Apidexin 72 Hr. Cleanse Proprietary Blend

Dandelion root is widely used as a diuretic to help the body get rid of excess fluid. It is commonly used to treat infections in the liver and stomach problems.[4] In addition to its cleansing properties, dandelion provides the body with many healthy vitamins such as A, C, E, K, and B6, as well as several more.[5]

Uva ursi is traditionally used to treat a number of diseases. In the intestine tract, uva ursi acts as a diuretic helping cleanse and improve the health of the digestive system by fighting against harmful bacteria.[6]

Buchu, used for centuries in herbal treatments, helps heal stomach aches, colds, coughs, and even intestinal infections and inflammations.[7] It also contains diuretic properties. This means it helps the body rid itself of toxins and lose weight.

Cornsilk is a natural detoxing agent. It helps with urinary tract infections and promotes body cleansing by increasing the contractions of smooth muscles in the intestine tract.[8] This means that the body can flush out more waste in a shorter amount of time.

Cornsilk also increases glycaemic metabolism which means the body burns fat faster resulting in better weight loss.[9]

Juniper berry is another natural diuretic[10] that helps the kidneys expel water faster. It also helps fight hypertension and urinary tract infections.

Cranberry is a well-known fruit that acts as an antioxidant improving the immune system. Studies show cranberry treats and prevents urinary tract infections[11] by preventing harmful bacteria from attaching to bladder walls. Cranberry is useful tool in improving the health of your intestinal tract.

Parsley is an excellent natural source of potassium. Potassium helps the body release energy while preventing excess fluid retention. It also provides the body with iron, folate, and vitamin C.[12] In all, parsley improves health while helping the body free itself of excess waste and lose weight.

Stinging nettle is another natural diuretic that promotes weight loss by shedding water. It also contains great anti-inflammatory properties[13] and is rich in nutrients such as iron.

Ginger has long been used throughout the world for its various medicinal values. It even helps people lose weight. A 2012 study shows ginger increases thermogenesis in the body which means it helps the body burn calories faster and lose weight.[14]

Cayenne contains capsaicin, an ingredient that raises thermogenesis rates, resulting in greater fat burning. It also helps people who lost weight keep it off by inhibiting fat absorption.[15]

Couch grass is an herbal ingredient that is traditionally used to treat bladder disorders.[16] Today, couch grass is used in many health supplements to improve colon cleansing.

Side Effects

When taking powerful health supplements like Apidexin 72 Hour Cleanse, side effects are always a concern. There are a few ingredients included in Apidexin 72 Hour Cleanser that can cause side effects if taken in large amounts.

For example, uva ursi is known to cause liver damage and breathing problems when taken in very large doses.

There is also the chance of upset stomach, diarrhea, and heartburn while taking this product.

While there is always the chance of side effects, I was not able to find any user reviews complaining of side effects from using Apidexin 72 Hour Cleanse.

How to Use

According to Apidexin.com, the best way to use this product is to take three capsules before breakfast and another three capsules before lunch.

Make sure to drink 12 oz. of water with the capsules. The water will help the body absorb the ingredients quickly so they can start to work on cleansing the body quicker.

Also, since Apidexin 72 Hour Cleanse is so powerful, do not use it for longer than three consecutive days.


Apidexin 72 Hour Cleanse available from Apidexin.com or eSupplements.com as a bonus product when you buy Apidexin. Apidexin boosts the effectiveness of Apidexin 72 Hour Cleanse. If you’re only interested in Apidexin 72 Hour Cleanse, you may be able to find it on eBay.

The Bottom Line

With its numerous powerful ingredients and lack of serious side effects, Apidexin 72 Hour Cleanse looks like a solid tool to cleanse your body and lose weight.


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