Apidexin Review

Apidexin is a weight loss pill that has the potential to completely revolutionize the way you look and the way that you feel about yourself.

Could this finally be the solution to your dieting woes? Let’s take a closer look at Apidexin and find out.

What is Apidexin Supposed to Do for You?

The makers of Apidexin promise that it can do some amazing things for your body. They say that Apidexin will help you lose weight by curbing your appetite to help you fight off cravings and shrink your portion sizes.

Apidexin is also supposed to reduce your body fat and speed up your metabolism in order to make maintaining your weight a whole lot easier.

But how can Apidexin actually do all of these things?

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The Apidexin Formula

Apidexin contains powerful ingredients that have been clinically proven to be effective and safe weight loss boosting substances. These include:

Irvingia Gabonensis

Irvingia gabonensis both raises metabolism and decreases hunger, which makes it ideal for weight loss. In fact, this African fruit helped overweight men and women lose more than 28 pounds in 10 weeks in the definitive study [1].


Razberi-K, or raspberry ketone, is a chemical in red raspberries. Featured on a February 2012 episode of “The Dr. Oz Show,” raspberry ketone works like a stimulant without stimulant-related side effects. Specifically, raspberry ketone improves metabolism without causing the jittery side effects common to many stimulants. These effects were verified and proven to reduce fat mass in a 2005 study involving mice [2].

Coleus Forskohlii

Coleus forskohlii’s weight loss power is actually derived from forskolin, the active compound in the plant’s roots. Forskolin increases lean body mass and reduces fat. In a 2005 study, forskolin decreased body fat percentage and fat mass in test subjects by a significant amount [3].


Chromax is actually chromium, a trace mineral used to regulate blood sugar levels. If your blood sugar is too high, you may be craving sweet things that damage your diet. By lowering blood sugar, your appetite will decrease. These effects were proven in a 2008 study, in which test subjects taking chromium ate 24% less than those taking a placebo [4].


Lipolide-SC is Apidexin’s choice for stimulant-free weight loss. A sage-like herb, Lipolide-SC increases energy metabolism and thermogenesis without affective blood pressure levels or the central nervous system. This is good news for people who want to lose weight without dealing with dangerous stimulants.


You may know this ingredient as evodiamine or evodia. Thermodiamine is a fat burner, which means it increases energy and metabolism. Although these benefits have not yet been tested in humans, they were demonstrated in mice. In a 2001 study, mice fed evodia experienced significantly reduced subcutaneous fat mass [5].

Caffeine Anhydrous

As a mild stimulant, caffeine provides many benefits. It stimulates the central nervous system to produce heat, which increases metabolism and burns fat. Caffeine also promotes greater energy production [6]. Caffeine anhydrous has had excess water removed to increase potency.

Wakame Seaweed

With the active compound fucoxanthin, wakame seaweed becomes more than just a fiber source. Wakame increases thermogenesis, which breaks down fat stores and raises metabolism. Although these benefits have yet to be observed in humans, they were shown in rats in a 2005 study. During the study, rats fed fucoxanthin significantly reduced their white adipose tissue levels [7].

Guggul EZ 100

Guggul EZ 100, or guggulsterones, addresses weight loss problems attached to a malfunctioning thyroid. When your thyroid isn’t producing enough thyroid hormone, weight loss is difficult. Guggul EZ 100 should straighten out these problems and put you back on track to weight loss.

Vitamin B12

As a B vitamin, vitamin B12 promotes higher energy levels. It also metabolizes fat and protein, which prevents fat gain. This makes it easier to get a start on weight loss. Vitamin B12 provides additional benefits for men—it leads to greater testosterone production.


Bioperine is a black pepper extract and the last ingredient in Apidexin. This extract improves absorption of all other Apidexin ingredients, allowing for a more powerful weight loss experience.

How Do You Use Apidexin?

Taking Apidexin is super easy, and the nice thing is you can kind of vary how much you want to take depending on how powerful and how fast you want to see results.

Most people prefer to just take one capsule twice a day. It’s going to work to limit your appetite the best if you take it as directed, about a half hour before both breakfast and lunch.

You can actually take as many as three capsules twice a day if you’re really looking for some powerful results, but taking one capsule twice a day is more than enough for most people to see really good results.

How Much Does Apidexin Cost?

The official Apidexin website sells one bottle for $49.95, but you can save money by buying multiple bottles.

For example, Apidexin.com also gives you a four month supply of Apidexin, meaning four bottles, for $129.95, saving you about $70.00!

The Bottom Line with Apidexin

Apidexin really is a great weight loss pill. Its unique formula is full of clinically proven weight loss ingredients, making it possible to safely and efficiently

Another aspect of Apidexin I found particularly impressive was the high volume of satisfied customer testimonials from real people who have had success — join their ranks and try Apidexin!

You’ll get great customer service at Apidexin.com and a 100% Money Back Guarantee if it doesn’t work.

Leave a comment in our feedback section if you have any questions or comments about Apidexin!

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    I would really like to try Apidexin. Working out will help me lose the weight faster.

    Pamela Richardson
    January 7, 2013 at 11:19 pm

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