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Hydroxycut Gummies Review

“Hydroxycut Gummies are a delicious new way to get the clinically proven key weight loss ingredients in Pro Clinical Hydroxycut in great-tasting gummies,” says Hydroxycut.com

I love fruit snacks and I hate swallowing pills, so Hydroxycut Gummies drew my full attention. However, I have not been impressed with Hydroxycut products in the past.

So, although a “new” product, I wondered if Hydroxycut Gummies would offer anything safer or more effective than other Hydroxycut Products.

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How Does Gummies Compare to Other Hydroxycut Products?

Although Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Gummies is touted as a “new” product, it’s actually a reincarnation of Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Caffeine Free. Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Caffeine Free entered the market in late 2009 as a result of Hydroxycut’s comprehensive recall due to the US Food and Drug Administration’s warning against liver failure caused by Hydroxycut products. (I’ll talk more about this later.)

When Hydroxycut reintroduced products into the market after the recall, Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Caffeine Free led the way as one of Hydroxycut’s only stimulant-free weight loss products available. While a stimulant-free weight loss product is exciting, Hydroxycut Caffeine Free was met with very limited success and subpar reviews from its users.

Here we are three years later and Hydroxycut Gummies appears to be the same dog with one new trick: no pills. Both products have the same ingredients in the same dosages. The only difference is you have a choice between chewing gummies and swallowing pills.

So, is Hydroxycut simply trying to rebrand an already existing, fairly unsuccessful product, or will Hydroxycut Gummies offer something new? Let’s check it out.

What Are the Ingredients?

Lady’s mantle extract – has wound-healing, anti-inflammatory, and sedative properties.

Olive extract – aids digestion and reduces inflammation.

Cumin extract – contains antioxidants, which fight free radicals and slow aging.

Wild mint extract – provides pain relief and antioxidants.

Goji extract – rich in antioxidants. Goji berries are believed to boost immunity, improve circulation, and promote longevity.

Acerola concentrate – may improve cardiovascular and respiratory health. Acerola contains antioxidants and has anti-aging properties.

Blueberries – have more antioxidants than most foods. They are called “brain berries” because they improve cognitive functioning.[1]

Pomegranate – contains many nutrients and antioxidants. It may lower cholesterol and improve heart health.

Bilberry extract – supposedly improves blood circulation and vision. It contains antioxidants.

When I first saw these ingredients, I wasn’t very impressed. Hydroxycut Gummies does not contain any clinically proven weight loss ingredients. But after more digging, I found a study that pricked my interest.

The Weighlevel Clinical Study

Weighlevel is a combination of four Hydroxycut Gummies ingredients: lady’s mantle extract, olive extract, cumin extract, and wild mint extract. In 2011, researchers tested Weighlevel to see if it could safely and effectively promote weight loss. It was tested on human cells, rats, chickens, and humans.[2]

When human cells and rats were exposed to Weighlevel, there were no signs of toxicity. Furthermore, the rats experienced an increase in thermogenesis (a process which enhances fat burn). Chickens given Weighlevel for 4 weeks lost significant weight. Now, on to the more important portion of the study: humans (not just human cells, but actual individuals).

Eighty overweight and obese people participated in the study. Each participant was asked to continue their normal lifestyle habits with the exception of limiting their eating habits to 3 meals a day with no snacking in between. No limitations were placed on these individuals regarding what they could consume during each meal.

Next, each participant took 1 Weighlevel capsule 30 minutes before each meal. This regimen was followed for 3 months.

After the conclusion of the 3-month study period, overweight individuals experienced a body mass index (BMI) decrease by an average of 4.0. Obese participants experienced an average BMI decrease of 4.5.

The researchers concluded that Weighlevel is safe and effective for weight loss. Here are the proven dosages. They should be taken 3 times daily:

• Lady’s mantle extract: 60mg
• Olive extract: 50mg
• Cumin extract: 25mg
• Wild mint extract: 20mg
Total: 155mg

Quite promising study results for anyone contemplating a Weighlevel supplement. However, will the weight loss success of Weighlevel supplementation translate to weight loss success with Hydroxycut Gummies?

Does Hydroxycut Gummies Have the Proven Dosages?

The Hydroxycut Gummies ingredients are combined into a 160mg Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Gummies Blend. However, individual dosages of the ingredients contained in the proprietary blend are not disclosed. This is a problem. I cannot see if the proven dosages used in the Weighlevel study are the same as those contained in the Gummies. What are the chances Hydroxycut Gummies contains the proven dosages? Let’s find out…

One serving is 2 gummies and there are 30 servings per container. The official website does not say how many servings to take daily. With other Hydroxycut products, the company usually recommends taking 3 servings per day.

According to the research, you need 465mg of the Weighlevel ingredients every day. For argument’s sake, if Hydroxycut Gummies only contained the four ingredients used in the Weighlevel study (which it does not), 3 servings (480 mg) would provide a large-enough total dosage. But I don’t know if they would provide correct individual dosages.

What’s more, Hydroxycut Gummies has 9 ingredients not 4. If one serving contains the proven Weightlevel dosages, it leaves only 5 mg for the remaining 5 ingredients. This is an insufficient amount.

Either Hydroxycut Gummies does not contain the proven Weighlevel dosage or it does not contain enough of the other 5 ingredients. It cannot possibly contain proven dosages of all the ingredients.

I think chances are low that Hydroxycut Gummies provides proven dosages in 1-3 servings. Taking 4 or more servings provides a larger total dosage, but won’t provide proven dosages unless proven individual dosages are used.

For these exact reasons, proprietary blends always raise red flags for me. I understand the argument that companies want to protect their product formula, but the customer is the one suffering. When I see a proprietary blend, I see a company trying to impress potential customers with an ingredient list while hiding the fact that the ingredients are not present in proven amounts to deliver desired results.

Consumer Reviews

Hydroxycut Gummies is still new, so I couldn’t find any consumer reviews online.

Because Hydroxycut Gummies and Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Caffeine Free are identical, the latter product’s reviews should offer insight into how safe and effective the former product is. Unfortunately, Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Caffeine Free doesn’t have many online reviews either.

On Amazon.com, Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Caffeine Free received 3.2/5 stars from 4 reviews. On GNC.com, it received 3.8/5 stars from 14 reviews.

Some users said they didn’t lose any weight, even after combining Hydroxycut with exercise. Other people said it works well, but is pricey over time.

One person said the product made them feel jittery. Another user said it caused severe stomach pain and churning and was a powerful laxative.

I’m curious to see if Hydroxycut Gummies will receive the same ratings and reviews as its twin product.

The Success Stories

Currently, there are 24 success stories featured on the official website. These individuals used Hydroxycut (the specific Hydroxycut product is not identified) and lost between 17 and 54 pounds. Every success story comes with this disclaimer:

“Individuals used Hydroxycut with diet and exercise and were remunerated. Average weight loss with key ingredients was 20.94 lbs. vs. 1.70 lbs. with placebo in one 12-week study, and 16.50 lbs. vs. 1.73 lbs. in one 8-week study. All groups followed a calorie-reduced diet.”

There are several Hydroxycut products. However, as I said above, the website doesn’t say which product these 24 individual used. Because they followed a special diet and exercise program and were remunerated (paid), it’s hard to believe that typical consumers will get the same results. You’d need to follow the special diet and exercise program, but Hydroxycut doesn’t disclose what it is.

After the first line, the following lines are referring to studies. The 12-week study is the Weighlevel study I mentioned earlier. The second study involved Hydroxyprovia and was funded by Hydroxycut.

Hydroxycut’s Study

Hydroxyprovia is a blend found in Hydroxycut Gummies. It contains the same four ingredients found in Weighlevel: lady’s mantle extract, olive extract, cumin extract, and wild mint extract. Here’s what Hydroxycut says about the study:

“In an 8-week randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study funded by Hydroxycut, test subjects using the same key ingredients lost an average of 16.50 lbs. vs. 1.73 lbs. for the placebo group. Test subjects also significantly reduced BMI versus the placebo group (8.1% vs. 0.8%).”

I was unable to find the actually study online or on Hydroxycut.com. I don’t know if it was a large study or what dosages were used. And I question how unbiased the researchers were, since the study was funded by Hydroxycut.

Hydroxycut Nutrition, Recipes, Fitness, and Tools

There are four links in the bottom right corner of Hydroxycut.com. Here’s what they contribute:

• Nutrition – healthy eating, nutrition, and dieting articles
• Fitness – brief tips about exercising and staying in shape
• Recipes – recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and dessert
• Tools – calculators to show how many calories you need, how fast your metabolism is, how much water to drink, and how to reach your weight loss goal

I’m impressed with Hydroxycut for going the extra mile to help consumers eat healthy, exercise, and reach their weight loss goals. I am a little disappointed, though, because I was hoping to find the diet and exercise program used by people in Hydroxycut’s success stories. But I did not.

Where to Buy Hydroxycut Gummies

I could only find two reputable retail sites that sell Hydroxycut Gummies:

• Hydroxycut.com: $24.99
• Amazon.com: $19.99

Each bottle has 30 servings, but I don’t know how many servings Hydroxycut recommends taking each day. If you take 2-3 servings, Hydroxycut Gummies will only last 10-15 days.

Hydroxycut.com does not have a return policy or money back guarantee. They do offer free shipping for standard delivery, which takes 10-12 days. Rush delivery costs about $10 and takes 7-8 days.

The Low-Down on Hydroxycut

Hydroxycut is a brand of weight loss pills made by MuscleTech Research and Development. According to the World Journal of Gastroenterology, Hydroxycut is the most popular brand of weight loss pills. But the ride to the top has been bumpy.

In 2003, the Missouri Attorney General sued Hydroxycut for false advertising. He also claimed Hydroxycut was selling potentially dangerous products. The company paid $100,000 to settle and agreed to stop selling diet pills with ephedra.[3]

In 2009, the FDA warned consumers to stop buying Hydroxycut. The reason? There were 23 reports of liver damage and at least one death. When researchers analyzed the liver damage cases, they found there was a 95% likelihood Hydroxycut products were to blame.[4] Hydroxycut recalled and reformulated their products a second time.

Despite the setbacks, Hydroxycut is still one of the most popular weight loss brands.


I’m not confident Hydroxycut Gummies is an effective weight loss product. Only four out of nine ingredients are proven to promote weight loss. However, I don’t know if Hydroxycut Gummies contains the proven dosages. Based on my calculations, I think chances are high it does not. If it does not contain proven dosages, Hydroxycut Gummies may not be safe or effective.

I need to feel confident in Hydroxycut Gummies before recommending. Due to the information available and lack thereof, I don’t feel confident. And I’m not sure if consumers will get their money’s worth from Hydroxycut Gummies.

I recommend trying a top-rated weight loss pill with proven ingredients and dosages, not Hydroxycut Gummies


[1] Krikorian, R, MD Shidler, et al. “Blueberry supplementation improves memory in older adults.” Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 58.7 (2010): 3996-4000.

[2] Said, Omar, Bashar Saad, et al. “Weight loss in animals and humans treated with “weighlevel”, a combination of four medicinal plants used in traditional arabic and islamic medicine.” Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. (2011).

[3] “Hydroxycut distributor to pay Missouri $100K to settle suit”. St. Louis Business Journal. May 4, 2004.

[4] Fong, TL, KC Klontz, et al. “Hepatotoxicity due to hydroxycut: a case series.” American Journal of Gastroenterology. 105.7 (2010): 1561-6.

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Hydroxycut Gummies User Reviews

2 Reviews  | Write a Review

  1. Comment

    These gummies are potentially very dangerous. These caps are not child-proof and if a child were to find these gummies, they would quickly consume many of the gummies since they appear and taste just like candy. Since adults are not supposed to consumer more than 2 gummies per 4-hour period, a handful of gummies for a child could cause cardiac arrest or seizure in a child leading to death.

    Even if you don’t have children, if you EVER have friends with children or extended family with small children be careful of buying and storing this product.

    March 9, 2013 at 4:15 pm
  2. Comment

    BTW- this product does work, I have used one large bottle over the past month and have lost over 5 lbs.

    March 9, 2013 at 4:17 pm

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