Myoleptin 1500 Review

It’s another day at the gym. You’re huffing and puffing while the “beautiful people” around you lift weights and run on the treadmills as if it were completely effortless.

You’re at work, and someone brings donuts. Everyone gathers around to celebrate their good fortune while you stay at your desk. You decline because you’re counting calories, and after months of torture, you still aren’t seeing results.

Sound familiar? You don’t have to live like this. You just need a boost! A weight loss pill is your answer. There are hundreds of options out there. Today, we’re looking at Myoleptin 1500 specifically.

Myoleptin 1500 is a weight loss pill designed for those who are willing to commit to a pattern of exercise and healthy. The makers of Myoleptin 1500 claim that it will turn your body into a fat burning machine and help you obtain your peak body shape.

Does Myoleptin sound like the boost you need? It’s worth taking a look at the ingredients and seeing what makes it work.

Ingredients in Myoleptin 1500

CLA also known as Conjugated Linoleic Acid is known to have several health benefits for men and women.

Studies have shown it to be effective in reducing the risk of breast, lung, and prostate cancer by blocking the development of cancer cells. It has also been shown to reduce benign and malignant tumors.

As Myoleptin 1500 claims, CLA manages your body’s insulin level allowing fatty acids to move to muscle tissue and away from fat tissue boosting your body’s energy and metabolism.

Studies have also shown this same process to be effective in treating and preventing diabetes.

CLA also has anti-inflammatory qualities, which can help reduce and treat rheumatoid arthritis symptoms, and joint decay.

Studies have also shown CLA to boost your immune system by reducing cold and flu symptoms, and reducing allergy symptoms.

Studies have also shown CLA to be effective in preventing heart disease by regulating your body’s level of bad cholesterol to good cholesterol. This prevent plaque build up on the walls of your arteries.

Safflower Oil from which this weight loss pill is derived has all the same effects of CLA that we’ve already discussed. It’s worth noting, however, that recent studies have shown the benefits of Safflower oil to be amplified in women. And when it comes to burning fat, Safflower oil seems to target the body fat in the abdominal area.

Myoleptin 1500 Safety

There are no listed side effects, however, Myoleptin 1500 is clinically untested. It’s worth noting that Safflower oil is omega-6 rich and should be balanced with something containing omega-3 or its anti-inflammatory qualities could be reversed and even worsened. Where this diet pill is untested, they do encourage you to consult your doctor before starting it.

Myoleptin 1500 Weight Loss Power

Studies have shown CLA, which Myoleptin claims to contain, to be a powerful aid in weight loss and overall health.

Price and Guarantee

From what we could find, there is no money back guarantee, but it is fairly well priced at $18 per container.


Myoleptin 1500 seems to be a great value for the price, but the biggest concern is that it is clinically untested, and not backed up by customer testimonials.

Perhaps it’s worth checking out some of the other weight loss pill reviews on this site before deciding on this one.

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Myoleptin 1500 User Reviews

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    I started taking Myoleptin 1500 approximately one month ago. I had been exercising religiously and watching what I eat for the most part. While I did see SOME difference before takingnMyoleptin before, since starting it I have noticed my stomach is considerably leaner as well as my leg, bicep, and tricep muscles. I haven’t had my blood work done yet to see if it has helped my cholesterol levels but given its tremendous affect on my body this far have the utmost confidence that it will. I do recommend speaking to your physician before starting this supplement but can definitely say, it has certainly worked for me.

    Carrie Clephane
    November 14, 2013 at 5:37 am

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