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If you are one of the many that are looking to lose weight, build muscle, and feel more energized without breaking the bank, its a good thing you’ve come to for any question you have on XPI’s new and improved Myotein. With so many low quality weight loss supplement companies just trying make a few bucks off a low quality and overpriced product, its important to do research on which supplement will be the best for you.

What’s in Myotein?

Myotein is primarily made up of some of the most potent whey proteins that money can buy, and has included other essential ingredients to provide a powerful weight loss pill. Whey protein isolate, concentrate, and hydrolysate are all included because while they may seem similar, they each play a vital role in this Protein Blend.

Whey protein can commonly be found in fish, chicken, beef, eggs, and many other meat and dairy products, and is crucial in a workout routine because it provides essential amino acids. Whey protein isolate is whey protein in its purest form. This is beneficial because you are getting a complete blend of amino acids, antioxidants, and immune boosting proteins to optimize your work out.

Whey protein hydrolysate is often thought of as the most profitable form of whey protein because it is so easily digested and absorbed. Whey protein concentrateis not as pure as the hydrolysate or isolate versions, but it is the least expensive. What does that mean for you? You are getting a lot of the same results without the retailer having to charge more.

One might argue that it could be worth the money for only the highest quality forms of whey proteins, but most experts would agree you get the same results with whey protein concentrate mixed in with a little whey protein isolate and hydrolysate than you would if they were alone.

Micellar Casein provides amino acids in a different way. Because it is absorbed much slower, your body can run off these amino acids hours after your workout. L-Glutamineprevents your muscles from breaking down due to a lack of glutamine. Your muscles have stores of glutamine, and when you work out your body often uses up these stores and breaks down your muscles.

When supplemented into a weight loss supplement, L-Glutamine stops your body from using those excess stores. Your body needs to get energy somewhere, so Colostrum is used to help your body convert fats into energy, which helps you lose more weight and boosts energy levels.

Coleus Forskohlii helps your metabolism to cause your body to more efficiently burn up fat cells to use for energy. Most weight loss pills will provide ingredients to boost your metabolism to help you burn fat, which is fine unless your wanting to build muscle. You see the problem with burning fats is that most of the time you’re also burning up muscle, a real problem if you’re trying to gain muscle mass.

So Coleus Forskohlii helps you to actually slow your metabolism  so that you can continue to build lean muscle mass, while using other methods to help you stay trim. Hydroxyecdysterone is one ingredient that seems to do just about everything. If you are looking to boost metabolism, increase lean muscle mass, improve endurance and performance, or regulate blood sugar levels, Hydroxyecdysterone is the ingredient for you.

Is Myotein safe?

With so many clinical studies and safety tests being done on this product and all its ingredients, the simple answer is yes. While there may be some side effects such as elevated heart rate and high blood pressure, if you are a healthy man or woman who stays on a set diet and exercise routine, you should see some amazing results with little side effects. That being said, if you have any concerns or doubts be sure to check with a physician.

How much is Myotein?

On their official website, Myotein is listed as $49.95 for one bottle. The more you purchase the bigger the savings, and by purchasing 4 bottles (the highest bundle), you’re saving $50, the amount for one bottle of Myotein. Keeping that in mind, if you like this weight loss pill its definitely worth it to buy in bulk.

Are there any cons to Myotein?

Despite claims of being side effect-free, there’s really no weight loss pill that doesn’t have one con or one side effect. As previously stated this product may cause the jitters, elevated heart rate, or a crash later on, but those side effects are usually mild.

Is Myotein worth purchasing?

If you are serious about taking your workout routine to the next level, then Myotein would appear to be a great product for you. With so many high-quality, clinically-proven ingredients there’s really no reason not to buy it. Just remember that the key to losing weight and building muscle is a healthy diet and exercise plan, and if you follow those two rules and add Myotein in as a supplement, you should see great results in no time.

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