ObesiMed Review

Obesimed is made to be used as a medical device for treating adults and children over 10 years. It claims to support balanced eating and helps reduce appetite. I also claims to be clinically proven to support weight loss for the long term. It essentially is to be used as a “treatment for obesity”, then later it contradicts itself in the same paragraph, and states that “obesimed is for those that want to lose a few pounds”.

The product development of Obsimed is a bit scattered. The name itself is making a statement about obesity, but then later says it cannot treat obesity. I don’t know who is in charge of the marketing but they need to get their facts right.

What is in OBesimed that makes it better than others? Frankly, I’m unsure myself. Read below for further details.

What’s in ObesiMed?

  • OMTEC 19, has not been cite anywhere else other than through ObesiMed-according to them it is a type of fiber that absorbs water.
  • Amylum Solani is made from natural plant and potato fiber. Potato fiber in Solani is not absorbed or digested by the body. The soluble, bulk-forming fiber provides you with a full feeling that allows you to be satisfied with smaller portions during meals and to stay satisfied after meals.
  • Hypromelllose (E464)– food additive, does not include beneficial ingredients towards weight loss.
  • Oleum Helianthus is sunflower oil, that eases constipation and lowers cholesterol.
  • Titanium Dioxide (E171) food additive, does not include beneficial ingredients towards weight loss.

Is ObesiMed Safe?

Given the reputation of the company I wouldn’t suggest this product. Its ingredients are unclear and nothing regarding the ingredients safety is revealed through ObesiMed.

A special note to those searching for a safe diet aids. Those pills that offer lifetime guarantee’s are often the only way to know if a product is a quality product.

How Much is ObesiMed

Obesimed retails for 17.95 Euro. It can only be purchased through the UK so be advised of shipping cost.

Are there any cons to ObesiMed

Many….. No effective ingredients, No ingredient list, Facts and claims are not conclusive, No guarantee,  Shipping cost are high.

Is ObesiMed worth purchasing

It just goes to show that it takes more then a webpage to sell a product. Obesimed is such a misleading and unorganized product I don’t know where to start. Maybe, I’ll begin with the contradictions.

Why would you name a product with part of the word obesity if  your later going to say it is not for those that are obese? It also has nothing to do with its ingredients, notice nothing is descriptive and all information is very vague. The basis of a great product solely depends on its ingredients, nothing else. So when ObesiMed skips out on describing what is included in your diet aid, you might as well skip out on purchasing it.

More importantly do you want to lose weight? This is not a serious weight loss product. Top ingredients that should be considered are 7-Keto, Green Tea, Bitter Orange, Ginger Root, Chromax, for others search here.

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