OxyElite Pro Super Thermogenic

OxyElite Pro Super Thermogenic Review

Many dieters want most to lose weight around their midsection. But the fat cells in this area are notoriously hard to eliminate, so many people turn to weight loss pills to enhance their efforts.

OxyElite Pro Super Thermogenic is one weight loss pill that promises to specifically target fat around the abs and waist. OxyElite Pro Super Thermogenic’s ingredients boost body heat and encourage calorie burning so people can achieve their dream body.

There are conflicting reports about whether diet pills can target fat loss in specific areas. Consequently, I need to know more about OxyElite Pro Super Thermogenic before I believe it’s a miraculous weight loss pill.

OxyElite Pro Super Thermogenic: The Ingredients

Any weight loss pill can only deliver the results guaranteed by its ingredients. Let’s see if OxyElite Pro Super Thermogenic contains any ingredients proven to burn belly fat.

Bauhinia Purpurea L. Extract
Bauhinia purpurea is a tropical orchid which may have medicinal applications. Bauhinia purpurea supposedly stimulates thyroid hormones related to weight loss, but so far scientists have tested this mostly in animals. [1]

Bacopa Extract
Bacopa extract is another plant-derived ingredient which may increase thyroid hormones. However, in humans these effects may require a minimum dose of 200 to 400 mg, much higher than the amount in OxyElite Pro Super Thermogenic. [2]

1,3 Dimethylamylamine (DMAA)
1,3 dimethylamylamine is a powerful thermogenic stimulant that works with caffeine to burn fat. This organic compound occurs naturally in some varieties of Chinese geranium, but many health professionals question its safety.

Cirsium Oligophyllum Extract
Cirsium oligophyllum extract comes from a Japanese thistle. One study by Japanese scientists showed that taking cirsium oligophyllum with caffeine decreased subcutaneous fat in rats. [3]

Yohimbe Bark Extract
Yohimbe bark extract contains a component that may block certain fat receptors. Yohimbe may not induce weight loss in everyone because clinical trials of yohimbe have targeted athletes[4] or people on severely restricted diets. [5]

In addition to its well-established effects on energy and mental focus, caffeine also contains a component known to increase fat burning. In combination with DMAA and cirsium oligophyllum, caffeine may trigger the central nervous system into burning fat directly below skin. [6]

All of the ingredients in OxyElite Pro Super Thermogenic have some evidence linking them to weight loss. But I don’t see any ingredients proven to target fat cells in specific areas of the body. It seems OxyElite Pro Super Thermogenic cannot really promise to eliminate fat from anyone’s waistline.

Furthermore, some ingredients in OxyElite Pro Super Thermogenic may not be 100% safe. In 2012, the FDA warned several companies, including the makers of OxyElite Pro Super Thermogenic, that they needed to provide more evidence that DMAA is safe. [7] And yohimbe can trigger severe emotional distress or male sexual problems. [8] Those two ingredients alone keep me from feeling confident about OxyElite Pro Super Thermogenic.

OxyElite Pro Super Thermogenic: The Consumer Feedback

OxyElite Pro Super Thermogenic has almost 1000 online reviews on GNC.com, which speaks to its popularity. This large number of reviews makes it easy to uncover the overall effectiveness of this weight loss pill.

Most people who reviewed OxyElite Pro Super Thermogenic on GNC.com were highly satisfied. They reported that OxyElite Pro Super Thermogenic curbs appetite, boosts energy, works quickly, and caused no side effects. Overall, GNC.com reviewers give it 4.2 stars out of 5, and 87 percent said they would recommend it.

However, over 200 respondents on the same website did not like OxyElite Pro Super Thermogenic. For many of them, the product was ineffective at curbing appetite or increasing energy. For some users, OxyElite Pro Super Thermogenic even increased their heart rate or their blood pressure. While those side effects were not common to everyone, they still make me question the safety of this product.

OxyElite Pro Super Thermogenic: The Directions

OxyElite Pro Super Thermogenic does not hide the fact that it is a potent weight loss pill. The instructions state that first-time users should start out with only one pill a day and work their way up to 2 or 3 if necessary.

The first dose of OxyElite Pro Super Thermogenic should be taken in the morning before breakfast. This dose can be one or two pills, depending on tolerance. If desired, people can take an additional dose at least 6 hours after the first one, also on an empty stomach.

OxyElite Pro Super Thermogenic advises users to drink plenty of water while taking this product. Most reviewers reported sweating heavily on OxyElite Pro Super Thermogenic, so drinking water likely prevents dehydration. Users should also continue to diet and exercise.

Finally, do not use OxyElite Pro Super Thermogenic for more than 8 weeks at a time. The makers recommend taking a break of at least 4 weeks before continuing to use the product.

OxyElite Pro Super Thermogenic: The Price

One bottle of OxyElite Pro Super Thermogenic contains 90 capsules, so it should last at least one month. I found quite a few websites selling this formula. Here’s a selection of prices:

• TigerFitness.com: $33.94
• GNC.com: $39.99
• USPLabsDirect.com: $59.99

The company that makes OxyElite Pro Super Thermogenic, USP Labs, does not offer a money-back guarantee, so I see no incentive to pay their higher price. GNC’s online price is low, but they also sell OxyElite Pro Super Thermogenic in their retail stores, if that is more convenient.

OxyElite Pro Super Thermogenic: The Conclusion

In the end, OxyElite Pro Super Thermogenic fails to earn my confidence. For one thing, I don’t think OxyElite Pro Super Thermogenic actually targets midsection fat. For another, the potential side effects of DMAA and yohimbe seem too risky. Although lots of people reported liking OxyElite Pro Super Thermogenic, it doesn’t pass my test for a safe and effective weight loss pill.


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