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Have you been taken in by a weight loss pill that claims you do not have to change your diet or start exercising in order to lose weight?  Unfortunately, too many products say your efforts will have no bearing on your results but that’s not entirely true. To keep the weight off it requires a lifestyle change. Think about it, once you stop using the weight loss pills and go back to eating hamburgers for lunch and fettuccine alfredo for dinner the weight is going to come right back.

PhentraBurn is another weight loss pill that claims you can eat whatever you want and still lose weight. What makes them so sure of this?

The claims made by PhentraBurn make this a product to look into.  But don’t buy it before you read this.

What’s in PhentraBurn?

Xian Xian Cao, Jobstears, Artemisia Drancunculus, Psyllium Husk,Bamboo Shoot, Lotus Leaf, Medicinal Starch, Mulberry Leaf Extract

Do you notice a common theme among these ingredients? They are pretty much all laxatives and diuretics.

PhentraBurn’s right. You can lose weight without doing anything.

The problem with the kind of weight loss they help you achieve is that it is not going to last very long. Water weight fluctuates several pounds a day naturally so you can expect that any weight you lose after using PhentraBurn is going to come back within just a short period of time. And using laxatives for weight loss is not the healthiest way to fit in that little black dress.

Is PhentraBurn Safe?

Obviously with laxatives you are going to have to use the bathroom a bit more frequently. Users have also reported an increased need to urinate. Other common side effects include diarrhea, excess gas, and an upset stomach. Just like some other weight loss pills you might want to take a change of pants with you.

How Much is PhentraBurn?

A one month supply is $75. That shocked me. You are getting nothing more than a laxative and they want you to pay that much!  They say that with each successive bottle you order the price per bottle will decrease but they never tell you by how much.

Are there any cons to PhentraBurn?

Aside from the fact that you won’t be able to keep the weight off and the insanely high price? Yeah, there are some more cons.  They do not offer a guarantee so you’re out a lot of money if it does not work. There is a return policy and supposedly they give a partial refund if it does not work but they have a lot of conditions to qualify for that.

Is PhentraBurn worth purchasing?

Honestly? I would not recommend PhentraBurn. Sure you might lose weight quickly but don’t you want that weight to stay off forever instead of accepting that it is going to come back? PhentraBurn offers little more than the laxative you keep on hand for emergencies. Using PhentraBurn without diet and exercise guarantees that you will not keep the weight off. But even if you do exercise and diet PhentraBurn will not give you anything more than your routine already provides.

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PhentraBurn User Reviews

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    hi let me know please were i can buy this pills,, as soon posible i going back to my country next week
    .. what page .. thank you …

    March 13, 2014 at 12:27 pm
    • Comment

      Roxana, Phentraburn is banned by the FDA because it contains Sibutramine. You shouldn’t use this product.

      March 18, 2014 at 10:05 am

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