Power-Pops Review

Bright and colorful Power-Pops may be able to promote increased energy levels while helping you to reduce your weight.  Are they worth using and effective?  Power-Pops are lollipops that come in 17 different flavors.  You can choose fruity Power-Pops or chocolately lollipops or anything in between.

Many people have reported that Power-Pops were a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth.  I have a huge sweet tooth, so dieting has always been somewhat difficult because I find anything sweet and can’t stop eating it.  And even after removing all the junk food from the house, it can still be difficult not to run to the store and buy something.  Having Power-Pops on hand can help you to satisfy the craving so you don’t focus on it and you can be more successful.

What’s In Power-Pops?

In addition to providing an excellent way to satisfy your sweet tooth, Power-Pops have ingredients that can help you to feel more satisfied during the day so that you eat less.  Other ingredients have been included to provide you with a way to see a boost in energy levels so you can get more done throughout the day.

Guarana, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, L-tyrosine, citrimax, and hoodia are all ingredients in Power-Pops.  The first few ingredients can help to increase energy levels.  B vitamins have long been known to increase energy naturally whereas guarana is a supplement that uses caffeine to increase energy.  Although they are all effective, guarana has a few side effects associated with its use.

When you use a product with hoodia you are supposed to see a reduction in your appetite.  Unfortunately, most people have not seen the full results they desire after using products that contain hoodia because hoodia has not been proven to be as effective as manufacturers would like to have you think.  However, it’s a safe ingredient to use.

Are Power-Pops Safe?

Power-Pops are generally safe products to use.  People who are sensitive to caffeine may want to evaluate carefully whether or not it is worth using.  They may experience side effects like nervousness, headaches, hyperactivity, anxiety, and insomnia.  The red dyes included in some of the lollipops can cause hyperactivity in some as well.

How Much Are Power-Pops?

Each Power-Pop is $1.  They recommend that you use around 3 Power-Pops each day so over a month you can expect to pay $90.  Right now they have a deal where you can take advantage of a free trial offer.  Usually we recommend that you stay away from these offers because they end up taking your money and enrolling you in an auto-ship program.  Power-Pops claim they won’t do either of these things and all you have to do is pay shipping and handling.

Are Power-Pops Worth Purchasing?

For anyone with a sweet tooth Power-Pops may be an effective product to prevent you from overindulging yourself in your favorite sweets.  But as far as the ingredients go, Power-Pops don’t contain enough of the proven ingredients to give you the lasting weight loss results that you’re hoping to achieve.  It may be more beneficial for you to choose a weight loss pill that has proven ingredients in the right amounts if you want to receive the best results.

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