Thinz Review

Alva-Amco is the pharmaceutical grade creator of Thinz diet remedy. It is comprised of three ingredients to help suppress hunger and relieve fatigue induced by dieting. The components consist of Alfalfa for diet suppression, Cayenne Pepper for diet suppression and Green Coffee for energy. I’ve outlined the ingredients purposes below to help you further understand the effectiveness of Thinz.

From the information given by Alva-Amco one could conclude it is an overall reputable company with better than average customer service. The product also seems to be a mild diet aide and has little to do with fat burning, however may help in suppressing appetite and aiding a healthy digestive system. Further information published by Alva-Amco regarding Thinz is limited, but they provide a customer service line that is open for further questions.

What’s in Thinz?

  • Alfalfa– In ancient Chinese medicine, physicians used alfalfa leaves to treat disorders related to the digestive tract and the kidneys. Alfalfa is high in protein, calcium, vitamins B’s, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin K. It is an all-round healthy herb that has been used for various treatments mostly having to do with digestion relief.
  • Cayenne Pepper– A strong antioxidant that has an active ingredient called the alkaloid capsaicin. This compound helps raise the body’s metabolic rate and enables the body to burn increased amounts of fat. Some have claimed to have appetite suppression properties.
  • Green Coffee– Like green tea, green coffee bean extract contains strong antioxidants in the polyphenol family. Green coffee bean is also rich in chlorogenic acid and its related compounds. The effect of green coffee bean extract on fat accumulation and body weight in mice was assessed as a mild obesity remedy.

Is Thinz Safe?

Thinz has no reported side effects; except for a few discomforts prompted by caffeine. Caffeine content in THinz is not specified through the site however I imagine it to be rather low. If you can stomach 16oz of coke a day you will not experience side effects from Thinz.

How much is Thinz?

Thinz is retailed for $26.77 through Alva direct. If you are to purchase Thinz through a different retailer price is subject to change.

Are there any cons to Thinz?

  • Does not contain powerful fat burning ingredients
  • There are no customer reviews or studies posted on the official website
  • Limited information is given on the product
  • Does not contain a guarantee

Is Thinz Worth Purchasing?

Thinz is mild and a less invasive fat burner, if you could even call it a fat burner. The ingredients are insignificant in the dietary market. There are better known and proven ingredients that have helped people reach optimal weight loss. Alfalfa has not been proven as an active appetite suppressant; it is widely known for its digestive properties, and is a quality product, just not for extreme weight loss.

This product doesn’t include a guarantee or a return policy that ensures you are satisfied with results. I would suggest you look into something that puts your body into overdrive and burns fat. Of course you cannot find this with supplements alone but you will appreciate the aid some supplements can give.

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