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Zi Xiu Tang Review

If you want to be successful at losing weight in the long term it takes a bit of work. Both exercise and diet play a huge role.  Adding the right weight loss pill can make it easier for you to lose weight and can help you to see more results in less time.  Of course, using a weight loss pill may also come with a few problems.

Zi Xiu Tang is a weight loss pill made primarily out of bee pollen.  This seems like a weird ingredient but according to the official website it can increase metabolism, reduce cholesterol, improve energy, and help you to lose fat especially from around your abdomen.

What’s in Zi Xiu Tang?

Usually we want to see a weight loss pill that is going to provide you with enough information to make an educated decision.  

Zi Xiu Tang does not provide you with hardly any information on the ingredients.  You can see that they include bee pollen, barbarry wolfberry fruit, lotus seed, and dietary fiber.  How many benefits can you expect when you use Zi Xiu Tang?

That is a difficult question to answer.  There are not clinical studies that indicate these ingredients are very effective at reducing weight.  In fact, barbarry wolfberry fruit is sometimes thought to stimulate appetite!  That certainly won’t help!

Fiber may keep you feeling full because it takes longer to digest.  Zi Xiu Tang does not say how much fiber is included so you might not be able to receive enough to make a huge difference in weight loss.

Bee pollen is not supported by clinical studies.  They say it will raise metabolism but this does not appear to be the case.

Is Zi Xiu Tang Safe?

Some people experience problems when using Zi Xiu Tang for weight loss.  It has been linked to severe kidney problems such as renal failure.  In addition, if you are allergic to bee pollen it may be extremely unsafe for you to use this weight loss pill.

How Much is Zi Xiu Tang?

Each bottle of Zi Xiu Tang costs $55 on the official website.  Supposedly you can get a free product with this purchase which decreases the cost to some degree.  If you buy Zi Xiu Tang through a third party retailer you may be able to find it for just $25.

Are there any cons to Zi Xiu Tang?

There is not a guarantee offered with Zi Xiu Tang.  Also, the potential allergic reactions and side effects make it difficult to use Zi Xiu Tang for many people.

Is Zi Xiu Tang worth purchasing?

Using Zi Xiu Tang may work for some people but not everyone is able to lose a significant amount of weight.  Most people who have tried using Zi Xiu Tang have said that it worked because they thought it would make a difference.  The brain can be a powerful tool on your weight loss journey.  But if you are going to spend the money on a weight loss pill, you probably want it to be pretty effective.

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